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Jetski.club emerged as a response to the issues that most people face when they decide
to get started in the world of jet skis.

In addition to the significant investment involved in purchasing a jet ski, there are also hidden difficulties, additional costs and expenses that add up when deeply analyzing the purchase.

The low supply and high prices of moorings, the high cost of a floating platform, maintenance costs, repairs, insurance, annual depreciation and rescue costs in the event of a breakdown are just some of the aspects to be taken into account.

Jetski.club has the largest Jet-Ski fleet on the island and offers its members the possibility of enjoying new jet skis during the 12 months of the year, paying a single monthly fee and enjoying a long list of services and benefits.

If you decide to buy a jet ski and face the annual expenses, the first year you will pay 30,500€ *

With Jetski.club, you will only pay 350€ per month!

Disadvantages of buying JetSki

Initial costs
Initial purchase 20.000 to 30.000€ Platform 4.000€
Platform installation 400€

Recurring costs
Mooring 4.000€/ year
Maintenance every 100h/ 2 months 300€ Winterizing 350€/ year
De-Winterizing 350€/ year
Repairs 600-1000€/ year
Annual platform maintenance 500€ Insurance 500€/ year

Inconveniences of buying a Jetski
Difficulty to find a mooring Moorings in bad location Daily cleaning
Wait times for spare parts No shower at platform No lockers
No Beach Club
Yearly depreciation
Damaged battery due to little use
No one to rescue in case of emergency No GPS tracking for security
Time lost managing everything
Repairs/ Servicing, etc..

Normal Jetski rental
Each rental between 350-600€ 2.000€ Safety deposit
Fuel charged more expensive Older Jetskis
Hours waiting for rescue in case of break down
Nowhere to shower
No lockers
No on site Beach Club Delivery at a boat ramp No parking
No club atmosphere
Badly looked after Jetskis
Fill out contract every time
Wait time for Jetski to be delivered


The SEA-DOO GTX 130-Pro uses SEA-DOO's S3 hull,
the highest-end and most advanced on the market. The navigation is unmatched, comfortable navigation without feeling the waves.
Large front storage system, very comfortably and access without moving. Access the front storage to access backpacks, towels, etc. It also has an easy- access basket to store drinks, wallets, etc. and a third “glove box” type compartment where you can store your phone and small objects.

Membership (one time payment) 500€
The minimum duration to be a jetski.club member is 12 months.
New members are only accepted by invitation.

Family membership (one time payment) 250€
50% discount on membership fees for direct family members.

Monthly fee 350€
When making one payment of 4.200€.

Monthly fee 370€
When making two payments 2220€ each. Total payment 4440€ .

Monthly fee 400€
When making a recurring monthly payment. Total payment 4.800€.

Additional information

Please remember that this Jet-Ski session has been blocked for you and will be available during the hours you have booked.

It's OK you arrive later than the session start time but you will have to be back by the session end time.

After your session time finishes you will have 10 minutes courtesy time. If you arrive later than this, unfortunately we will have to deduct one of your other remaining sessions, as we will not have enough time to refuel and clean the Jet-Ski for the next client.


Remember we can only accept cancellations up to 24 hours before session start time.
We can only accept cancellation with less than 24 hours if a medical certificate is provided prior to the booked start time.

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