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Jetski.club emerged as a response to the issues that most people face when they decide to get started in the world of jet skis.
In addition to the significant investment involved in purchasing a jet ski, there are also hidden difficulties, additional costs and expenses that add up when deeply analysing the purchase.
The low supply and high prices of moorings, the high cost of a floating platform, maintenance costs, repairs, insurance, annual depreciation and rescue costs in the event of a breakdown are just some of the aspects to be taken into account.
Jetski.club offers its members the possibility of enjoying new jet skis during the 12 months of the year, paying a single monthly fee and enjoying a long list of services and benefits.
If you decide to buy a jet ski and face the annual expenses, the first year you will pay 30,500€ * With Jetski.club, you will only pay 350€ per month!

Disadvantages of buying JetSki

Initial costs
Initial purchase 20.000 to 30.000€ Platform 4.000€
Platform installation 400€
Recurring costs
- Mooring 4.000€/ year
- Maintenance every 100h/ 2 months 300€ Winterizing 350€/ year
De-Winterizing 350€/ year
- Repairs 600-1000€/ year
- Annual platform maintenance 500€ Insurance 500€/ year

Inconvinicence of buying a JetSki

  • Difficulty to find a mooring
  • Moorings in bad location
  • Daily cleaning
  • Refuelling
  • Wait times for spare parts
  • No shower at platform
  • No lockers
  • No Beach Club
  • Yearly depreciation
  • Damaged battery due to little use
  • No one to rescue in case of emergency
  • No GPS tracking for security
  • Time lost managing everything
  • Repairs/ Servicing, etc..

Additional information

Welcome to the jetski.club!

From today you are not only going to enjoy hassle free Jetskiing, you will enjoy a new way of enjoying the island and a great atmosphere at our jetski.club at at Marina Santa Eulalia.

To book a Jet-Ski session please go to our website www.jetski.club and select the date and time on the calendar.

During the booking process you will be asked for your Member ID.

You will find your Member ID at the top of this E-mail.

Remember that your membership will allow you to make 6 Jet-Ski sessions every month during 12 months!

If you exceed you'r 6 monthly sessions, when booking you will be prompted to select an extra session at the special member rate of 60€.

If you have any issues you can contact us via Whatsapp 24/7 on +34 610 115 516.

Your Membership also entitles you to:

10% discount at the CBBC Marina SANTA EULALIA beach club.
10% discount at our Yacht Watersports store.
*15% discount on our JetSki Tours - No license needed

We look forward to seeing you at the jetski.club!


Each member has 6 monthly 3 hour sessions
2 weekend sessions and 4 during the week
Members must have boats or jet ski license
Members must be over 18 years old
Only the member is allowed to use the jet skis
Sessions not used during the current month don't accumulate
Cancellation of a booking must be 24 hours prior to booked time
Maximum 2 people per Jet Ski (Member + passenger)
An extra €60 will be charged for extra sessions
Payments will be made by direct debit (SEPA Standard)
Each member must leave a deposit of €500 to cover breakages
The member is responsible for breakages during his departure
Rescues due to JetSki failure are free of charge
Rescues due to breakage that are the member's fault will be charged at €400 +VAT
Members will be responsible for damages made as a result of bad use of the JetSkis
The member will be responsible for complying with port and sea regulations
The member agrees not to drive under the influence ofdrugs and alcohol
Bookings made on bookings calendar with member number on website jetski.club
jetski.club rules can change at any time
15% discount on our Jet-Ski Tours - No license needed
*Booking double slots (one after the other) gives 1 extra hour free of charge

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